Reactive Red P2B

Reactive Red P2B

Name:C.I.Reactive Red 45
Molecular Structure: Single azo class

C.I.Reactive Red 45,C.I.18209
CAS 12226-22-1/70210-46-7,802.10,C27H19ClN7Na3O10S3,Reactive Red P-3B,Cibacron Brilliant Red 3B-P

Molecular Formula:C27H19ClN7Na3O10S3
Molecular Weight: 802.10

In a reactive dye, a chromophore contains a substituent that reacts with the substrate. Reactive dyes have good fastness properties owing to the covalent bonding that occurs during dyeing. Reactive dyes are most commonly used in dyeing of cellulose like cotton or flax, but also wool is dyeable with reactive dyes. Reactive dyeing is the most important method for the coloration of cellulosic fibres.

By depending on application methods of temperature, reactive dyes can be classified as:

1. Cold Brand Reactive Dyes:
This type of reactive dyes is applied in very low temperature. Temperature lies between 25 - 50 degree Celsius. They are highly reactive with fiber on this temperature.

2. Medium Brand Reactive Dyes:
This type of dyes is applied in a medium temperature range is 40 - 60 degree Celsius. Their reactivity is medium with fiber.

3. Low Brand Reactive Dyes:
This type of dyes has very loe reactivity properties with fiber with comparison with medium and high brand reactive dyes. Dyeing is carried out on 60 - 90 degree celsius.

Reactive Red 45

Properties of Reactive Dyes:-
  • Reactive dye is anionic in nature.
  • Reactive dye is water soluble dye.
  • They have better wash and light fastness properties.
  • They have better substantivity.
  • They from strong co-valent bond with the cellulosic fiber.
  • Alkaline condition is must required for dyeing.
  • Electrolyte is must for exhaustion of dyes in the fiber.
  • A certain amount of dyes are hydrolyzed during application.
  • Wide range of color can be produced with reactive dyes.
  • Structure:-

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