Reactive Navy Blue P2R

Reactive Navy Blue P2R

Decolorization of Reactive Navy Blue P2R.

Name:C.I.Reactive Black 39
Molecular Structure: Double azo clas

C.I.Reactive Black 39,C.I.205071,1021.16,C25H14ClN10Na5O16S5,Cibacron Black ZP-2PD,Cibacron Navy P-G

Color: Navy Blue
Molecular Formula:C25H14ClN10Na5O16S5
Molecular Weight: 1021.16

Reactive Navy Blue P2R is mainly suitable for printing on cotton and regenerated cellulosic fibres with various fixation methods. Reactive Navy P2R is Good solubility in water, outstanding compatibility and Brilliant shades having wide shade range.

The decolorization of Reactive Navy Blue P2R (Black 39)and Acid Red 360, which was isolated from a non-dye-contaminated activated sludge biomass. The effect of various physicochemical parameters, initial dye concentration, temperature, pH, inoculum size and yeast extract concentration as an organic source on decolorization. Decolorization of Reactive Black 39 and Acid Red 360 was investigated by P. aeruginosa which was able to decolorize 20 mg/L RB39 completely within 144 hours in the presence of 0.5 g/L yeast extract at 25 °C. Decolorization efficiencies for AR360 were found to be higher than RB39 under the same conditions. Optimal temperature to decolorize RB39 and AR360 was found to be 30 and 25 °C, respectively. The activation energy (Ea) values for decolorization of RB39 and AR360 were found to be 61.89 kJ/mol and 81.18 kJ/mol, respectively.


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